Spotlight on Farm-to-Table Dinners

Ahh Spring, the perfect time for a Farm-to-table Dinner.

My name is Stephen Servis and I have been a local chef in the Bucks County area for over 10 years. Along with my twin brother Nicolas, we have a huge passion for sharing the importance of eating a farm-to-table diet. We also take great pride in supporting other farm-to-table operations and restaurants. Together we own and operate Servis Events. A farm to table private dining service bringing everything you would expect out of your favorite restaurant into your home. When we came up with this idea, we knew our love for local food had to be a main focal point. Not only have we personally seen and experienced the benefits of eating this way, but we now get to share it with others. Our guests learn the importance of where their food is coming from as well as the benefits of a local and seasonal diet. They are virtually endless so I’d like to focus on some of the major ones.

Eating food from local farms is simply better for you.

In order to transport the long distances it takes to get to your grocery store, many fruits and vegetables are picked before they are fully ripe. In doing this, it allows the fruit to ripen en route, but is stripping it of many essential nutrients that are not developed until the end of the ripening process. Along with this point, it is much more environmentally responsible. The average 18-wheeler truck can travel only 5 miles on a gallon of diesel. That’s 500 gallons to travel the 1500 miles most food travels to your grocery store.

Improve and essentially create a local economy.

This is something we were fortunate enough to witness first hand in starting our business. Even though your Valencia oranges have made it across the country, the chances that your money to purchase them makes it back that far is very slim. When buying from a local farm you get to physically hand your money to the people it directly benefits. Nic and I have seen time and time again how buying from our purveyors is helping their kids go to soccer practice, or to put in another new greenhouse, or to expand irrigation. Not only does the food make you feel better, but these extremely close-to-home acts of reciprocity just warm your heart. Plus, becoming a role model for the younger generation never gets old. For example, bringing kids to farms to explain the importance of farmers. Or taking them to forage in the woods to show how we are connected to our land. These small acts can make a lasting impression and bring us one step closer to a sustainable planet.

You cannot put a price tag on peace of mind.

Eating local foods, lets you know you and your family are receiving all of the nutrients that your body needs. You also are doing something beneficial for Mother Earth, as well as personally helping a local neighbor and inspiring generations to come. When you choose to spend your money this way, your purchasing power sky-rockets. Eventually the suppliers will have to start to follow the humane practices we enjoy.

It’s May here in Pennsylvania, and personally we are most excited for Asparagus season to get underway. We only eat Asparagus for a short 3-6 weeks out of the year, and oh buddy do we cherish this time! We will be serving Asparagus on our May Seasonal menu. Grilled with a grapefruit coriander sauce, pickled shallots, pistachio, and micro cilantro, it’s simply amazing. Another great ingredient is Rhubarb, which also has a short-lived season. We will serve it as our Amuse Bouche course for the month of May. The rhubarb will be poached and served with a homemade cracker, pickled strawberry spread, and mint. So sweet!

We are excited to hear about what farm-to-table ingredients will truly call to you!

Stephen Servis

Servis Events