Sensational aromatics and mouth-watering notes await you at every stop along the Bucks County Wine Trail. Seven fantastic wineries dot the Bucks County, PA wine trail, all easily accessible from Galvanized American Inn & Art Gallery! Book your wine tour and lodge with us to experience all that the area has to offer! 

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Enjoy Guided Tours & Tastings Along the Wine Trail

As local wine enthusiasts and passionate tasters, we’re the premier lodging for guests exploring the wine trail. While exploring the best grapes that Bucks County, PA has to offer, many winery tours along the trail include: 

  • Fresh-from-the-cellar tastings from the finest pinots and cabernets to the sweetest notes of Riesling that this magical region has to offer, wine tours in the area offer a savory and satisfying sample for every refined palate.
  • Intriguing wine & historical insights; indulge in delightful flavors and the rich heritage that has shaped each vineyard. Wine tours become even more satisfying when each sip has an interesting story behind the taste! 

The abundance of winery tours in Bucks County, PA will awaken your taste buds to crisp, oaky, and subtle indulgence while broadening your wine knowledge with every stop! Meet the growers who harvest the grapes with care, learn about the magical processes that unfold from seed to cellar, and enjoy it all while witnessing some of the most beautiful locations in Bucks County, PA.

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Popular Wine Tours in the Area

The top destinations featured in the Bucks County, PA wine tours include: 

  • The Sand Castle Winery is founded on a historic estate and features a wonderful mix of stellar wines that are only paralleled by the picturesque views that await welcomed visitors. 
  • The Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery offers an intimate selection of handcrafted wines to sample in their delightfully cozy tasting room or expansive outdoor lounge area. 
  • Buckingham Valley Vineyards provides a behind-the-scenes look into their farm-to-bottle, family wine operation. Their award-winning wines and charming attitudes make this a favorite stop if you’re after a taste of local tradition.   
  • Wycombe Vineyards is a wonderful destination if you’re searching for great wine, food, and memorable moments with friends! This lush vineyard features a hearty selection of artisanal wines and is an unforgettable charming escape from the city. 

& Many Other Iconic Winery Stops: To learn more about these charming vineyards or where to stay during your visit, reach out to us at Galvanized America Inn & Art Gallery!

Book Your Wine Tour & Lodge With Us!

Our guests indulge without a care in the world! Our B&B and wedding venue in Bucks County, PA is nestled along the wine trail, and we can offer our best suggestions and recommendations for the best glass of wine. Book your stay at our 5-star inn and art gallery in Bucks County, PA if you would like to explore more of the area’s hidden gems and top cultural destinations!